Sheree Head and Noah

Noah has been my partner since he was born here at our home 20 years ago.  He has been the best horse, always taking care of me and concerned about me.  He and I have done many things together such as trail riding, horse camping, competing on three different drill teams together and for the past 6 years riding with the Sheriff’s Posse.  In his and (my) senior years together I feel privileged to share our experience with the Benton County Sheriff’s Posse.  Looking forward to meeting new friends and working together, all while enjoying the passion we all share, our horses.

Benton County Sheriff's Mounted Posse

Meet our members!

I have been a member of the Posse since 2018 and a 2019 graduate of the Search and Rescue Academy.  I love serving our community by participating in Get Outdoors Day, our horseback riding event for children with disabilities, and introducing our community to horses.  Star is a 27 year old POA or Pony of the America’s.  When Star is not busy being a posse horse she participates in 4H and equine therapy. She loves to work and is very brave. 

Richard Head and Eli

As a new member with Benton County Posse, I’m excited to see what adventures come our way! My horse Ice and I have been partners for 20 years now. During that time, we have participated in 4-H, OHSET, WHO and Posse. He broke his leg back in 2008 and wasn’t expected to recover, but this horse has no quit.  From gaming to search and rescue, Ice is always up for the job.  Type your paragraph here.

I have ridden horses for 35 years.  I began riding dressage as a kid, then moved into western pleasure.  About 20 years ago I began team roping.  I eventually competed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.  I find it rewarding to assist/help the community I live in while representing the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.  

Breed of horse: American Quarter Horse
Job Description: Patrol Sergeant for the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, assigned to manage operations of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office Posse.

Judy Dady and Button

Morgan Taphouse and Dixie

Hey Y’all, My name is DJ and this is Hemi who is 15.3 hands tall. We have been with the Benton County Sheriffs Mounted Posse since 2017. You can catch us out blazing trails around Corvallis, Sweet Home, Newport or anywhere there is a trail! 

Bill Duncan and Britta

Howdy! My name is Morgan Taphouse and Dixie is my Norwegian Fjord mare! We have been apart of the posse since 2015 and serve as 1st Lieutenant. Dixie loves posse life and is my rockstar! Whether we are blazing trails, carrying flags in parades, going out on searches, or at community events, she is ready for anything. We are very honored to be apart of such a fantastic group and apart of a great community. 

Erin Bradley and Star

Lacey Duncan and Ellie

Amie Brewer and King

Dj Taphouse and Hemi

When I met King, he was everything I did not want: young, tall, Thoroughbred, and from the track, but, it turned out he was everything I needed: kind, willing, brave, and steady! 12 years later, we have done a little bit of everything, from English & Western Pleasure, Trail Riding, to Working Equitation and now, Sheriff’s Posse. He is a true partner and has taught me so much about who I want to be as an equestrian.

I joined the posse in 2007 and over that time I have served as Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, newsletter contributor and BCSO Liasion. Ellie has been my posse partner for the past 6 years. We do a lot of community events and she loves getting all the attention and petting from the attendees. Being apart of this Posse has been very rewarding.

Eli is 17 years old and is half appendix quarter horse and half Spanish Mustang. He is one of our babies from back in our horse breeding days. We are the only parents that he knows so he is one of our kids. Eli will do just about anything I ask him to do, I just have to ask. He can be trusted with anyone on his back from a child to an old person like me. He is a very special horse. 

Being on a Posse is one way that Eli and I can give back to our community. 

Danielle Moore and Ice

Mandy Dyer and Bells

Randy Hiner and Amigo