The Posse was formed under Sheriff Clifford Lilly in 1946 to:

*  Assist the Sheriff's Office in community outreach activities
*  Assist local and state agencies in the preservation of law
    and order, search and rescue and emergency services.
*  Stimulate good horsemanship and promote strong fellowship.
*  Perpetuate the traditions, customs and pageantry of Oregon's early days.
*  Enhanced family and community activities.

Our intention is to carry on and assist with the preservation of law and order, search and rescue and to carry on the traditions, pageantry and horsemanship of the "Old West".  Today, these traditions are carried on by men and women who are sworn in as special deputies by the Benton County Sheriff, Jefri Van Arsdall.

Search and rescue is the foremost service provided to the Sheriff's Office.  Posse members are trained and certified in search and rescue by the Oregon State Sheriff's Association and are on call 24 hours a day by the Sheriff's Office.  Posse members who are involved in search and rescue spend a tremendous  amount of time training and honing their skills throughout the year in order to keep their certification current and to learn the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to be used during a search. 

Benton County Sheriff's Mounted Posse